Sunday, August 21, 2011

post mortem on internationals

Well not a great weekend of picks.
SA vs ABs
So SA won. They are adopting a fairly one dimensional approach to the game. I can't blame PDV for the tactics as world cup doesn't always go to the best team. History has shown it rewards those that can amass points.
SA certainly have the players for this approach, however, it will be a coin toss as to who wins when they play England who play the exact game.
Considering Graham Henry was trying some new combinations I thought the ABs played well. Numerous line breaks and tries only stopped by superb defence by Habana. On another day with a bit more luck they would have slotted in at least 3 tries. Every game has to have a modicum of luck...and I thought the ABs deserved some.

Wales vs Argies
I thought Wales would put the hurt on Argentina considering this is the first time Argies have played together this year.
28-13 to Wales did not demonstrate a clinical enough ability to score. If they meet again I'd put my money on Argentina.

Ireland vs France
Both were OK. I would have expected more from Ireland at home. The French did just enough. An intercept try by France stole them the game. Enough said

Scotland vs Italy
23-12 to Scots.
As expected but no real backline flair from Scots.

Japan vs USA
20-14 to Japs
I have only viewed 10 mins of the game so far. Hope to catch it next time it repeats on Universal.
From what I saw, it was the Japs with all the possession and all the answers.
The weather was abysmal with heavy rain, so I have no doubt this affected the Japs ability to run the ball as I had expected.
They also made many changes to the team that nearly beat Italy the week prior. New Zealand coach Kirwan has done a great job.
USA need a Kiwi or Aussie coach.

2 out of 4 not good for me this week.
The only good news is that I'm in the top 2% in Currie Cup and still top 4% in ITM.

Round 12 starts soon. I'll post my selections as soon as I see the teams.

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  1. What a wanker.....3 out of 4 but it sure didn't feel like it.